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Be active with food and take better care of yourself!

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Food and drink is about so much more than simply consuming enough to stay alive. Food and drink is about movement, making contact, maintaining control, calculation, planning, daily rhythm, health, enjoyment, going out, lifting, cutting, cleaning and so much more. And as such, it is a daily training ground for many physical, mental and social skills.

Eating and drinking can mean a great deal for the self-sufficiency of vulnerable people in society (elderly people, people with a [mental] disability, homeless people, people with dementia, vulnerable families, etc.). By staying active with food and drink on a daily basis, general skills are retained and can be used at other (less common) times, such as when practicing a hobby or visiting a friend.
In short, if you can continue to prepare food and drinks for yourself, your independence is guaranteed!

Applying this vision and approach in this way is a very concrete example of ‘Positive Health’, as formulated by Machteld Huber, which is also applicable in every setting and situation.
Here are a few examples:
–       By providing short, active support to someone in how to continue cutting their vegetables in a safe way, (so they can continue to do so every day), someone can continue their hobby of 3D-cards, for example, because the fine motor skills needed for this remain intact.

–       By continuing to do shopping every day, a person can remain fit and mobile enough to go watch their grandson play football once every two weeks.

–       By regularly following the same route to the shopping centre to do shopping, a person feels safe and familiar enough with the environment to buy a gift for a friend.

–       When someone stays active in clearing away and storing food, they remain physically fit enough to pick up their book and suchlike if it falls when reading in bed.


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