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Connecting Art

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I make art and furniture from wood, and I would like to sell it and donate a large part of the profits to charity. Together with the buyer, I would like to deliver that donation to the person who needs it, forming a connection between the rich and the poor. My art and furniture are only the connecting material.

In concrete terms, my plans are: to make very different tables and cabinets, and I do mean very different. I would like to sell these to a network of people and donate most of the profits to charity. In addition, I would not like the buyer to give this money to me anonymously in an envelope, but that together we will ensure that a problem is solved somewhere. This will bring the buyer into contact with poverty/the problem. It is no longer anonymous.

My table or cabinet is only the connecting material to ensure that the money is transferred from the rich to the poor and that these people are brought into contact with each other. This is attractive to the buyer because it is tax deductible, attractive to the recipient because they receive a tidy sum all at once and attractive to me because I sell my cabinet.



What I’m looking for is a coach/brainstormer/someone who speaks grown-up language.

I don’t need money and am happy to use my own.

Do you know where I can turn to hammer out all of my plans and ideas?


Jan van Berkel – WoodenArt.nl

Send me an e-mail.


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