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Create greater social cohesion and improve the neighbourhood’s quality of life with a Toy Stories Eco-Unit.

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Eco-Units is a social enterprise that uses recycled shipping containers to bring local residents in contact with each other more often. These shipping containers are converted into a toy distribution unit or a pop-up store. They are equipped with solar panels, bee hotels and a sedum roof, and are partly produced in social workplaces.

You can use Eco-Units in all sorts of ways: as a toy distribution point, as a playing or meeting place or as an information centre. Temporary or permanent. Eco-Units help people from different cultures and backgrounds to get outside more often and improve their quality of life. This creates more social interaction in the neighbourhood. This, in turn, leads to greater understanding and enables friendships to blossom. The Eco-Units can also serve as an opportunity for contact between local residents and their neighbourhood coach; an informal way to ask questions or discuss issues. In this way, Eco-Units promote social cohesion.



Eco-Units is looking for housing corporations, neighbourhoods and communities that would like their own toy distribution unit in their district. Are you interested? We would love to hear from you! Contact us with no obligation!

Concept Toy Stories - Challenge BrabantDC - Eco-Units
Concept Toy Stories - Challenge BrabantDC - Eco-Units

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A profile of the Eco-Units owner, Bianca Pouw, can be found here:

Eco-Units contribute to the following SDGs. Would you like to know more about the SDGs? Click here.

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