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Educational City Bus

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For some time now, my plan has been to run an educational electric city bus that connects sustainable businesses (in the Tilburg region) and enables children to participate in many more activities outside school than they can now, as a result of a limited education budget. Ideally, the bus will be powered by solar-generated electricity.

There are many businesses on the outskirts of Tilburg that cannot easily be reached. This is a result of accessibility, distribution, transport issues and the same applies to nature, farms with shops, etc. Cars are nearly always used because there are insufficient passengers to support a bus service. The same thing applies to primary education in these areas. A school has a limited budget and therefore not all children can go outside and use the enormous range of facilities. Parents provide transport, time and petrol when possible but this takes up time, is harmful to the environment and requires organisation. Improvement is needed.

Fortunately, this plan is currently being picked up.

The Municipality of Tilburg is being kept informed. The IVN, GGD, Natuurmuseum Brabant, Klasseboeren Nederland, Onderwijs Tilburg and various small businesses have all shown serious interest. However, help is always welcome because there is more than enough to do. This is not a small pilot project. Expertise is needed in various fields. Logistics and infrastructure, for example.

A plan will first be drawn up by the core team (see these parties) in the autumn of 2018. Subsequently, research will be carried out on costs and relevance. This research will be conducted and funded by Midpoint Brabant. That’s already a very nice gesture and a concrete step. After that, the following actual steps towards implementation require knowledge and expertise.


My help concerns follow-up steps. To make a big step towards success I need experts and expertise to help me with everything that is involved, what you should and shouldn’t do, etc. But financing is also welcome or tips in this respect.

Do you think you could help me with anything? If so, or if you have any questions, please contact me using the form below. Thank you!


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