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Did you know that 3.4 million children and adults, more than 20% of all Dutch people, have the wonderful personality trait of being more sensitive to stimuli than the average person? High sensitivity person or HSP is the name for this. Too much stimulation causes over-stimulation and in many cases leads to mental and physical complaints.

In Brabant, this means that 502,500 adults and children are more sensitive to stimuli and, as highly sensitive persons, become more easily over-stimulated. HSP has many advantages but is not always easy. There was no official knowledge point for this large group of HSPs, let alone recognition in society!

HSP Punt was launched in early 2018, with no commercial objectives, as the national and international HSP information point, offering support in all matters concerning HSP to the highly sensitive persons themselves, family, close friends, schools, employers, associations, professional care and science.

Over-stimulation can cause adults, children and even babies to develop medical and mental complaints that can lead to them ending up in care systems and dropping out of work or school. This costs society a great deal of money unnecessarily. Prevention could be the key!

Standard health care is organised on medical and psychological grounds and does not take account of personality traits, which are not included in the training. Due to a lack of knowledge in the healthcare sector many incorrect diagnoses are made, the wrong medication is prescribed or people end up in long care processes, causing negative effects on patient well-being and unnecessary healthcare costs. Among other things, these are the findings of a recent HSP Survey of many highly sensitive individuals, which we conducted in January/February 2018.

Experience experts are now collaborating with the Donders Institute, Radboud UMC and 14 international scientists to finally help and take this target group seriously. Together, the team is developing preventive strategies/solutions that are validated by research so that they can be implemented in health care, education and the employment process.

More information: HSP-Punt.nl


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