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Human stories with integrity, which hint at greatness.

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We research social issues in society and translate them into visual, comprehensible, catchy and honest film documentary stories. Stories that show a world to which viewers would not normally be granted access. We do this in partnership with national and international social partners.

We want to inform, enlighten and make viewers wiser, move them and make them think about care-related subjects, well-being, poverty, security, housing, education, sustainability, integration and food, but we also address globalisation, climate change and the circular economy. We do this by linking impact campaigns to our films.

We are currently working on the documentary Zorg voor Doy (seeinspiration or www.zorgvoordoy.nl). Zorg voor Doy (Care for Doy) is about the 80-year-old farmer’s son Doy Kemps who has lived on his parents’ farm his whole life. His grandnephew and his wife came up with a plan to ensure that Doy can live out his final years on the farm.

The film cuts through important social themes, such as (informal) care, new ways of living, repurposing of (agricultural) heritage and the quality of life in the Brabant countryside.


Our query is twofold:

-Do you work for or know of social organisations that would like to use these films as an eye opener for certain subjects or themes? If so, we would love to meet you.

-We are currently looking for ‘outside the box’ financing possibilities for our film Zorg voor Doy. We are already aware of all the usual channels. So, if you have any ideas and would like to brainstorm about them, we would love to hear from you!

We can be reached via inge@filmzorg.nl.


FILMZORG consists of film makers Inge Guffens and Eva Zwart, together with Edwin van Seben.


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