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Living with and caring for each other. Help us to keep care dependants in control of their own lives!

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Isn’t it fantastic when people can just be who they are
and lead the life they choose,
surrounded by people with whom they feel comfortable,
and when they can live in a place in which they feel completely at home?
Even if they do need assistance?

Wunderbar is changing care from the bottom up. Care dependants help to organise their own care. Just as they would like it. This allows them to continue with their own familiar lives as much as possible.

Wunderbar facilitates these projects by: Making an inventory of needs. Showing what is possible. Researching suitable locations. Arranging permits and (possible) subsidies. Developing spaces. Finding suitable staff. Providing operational assistance. And even finding new candidates when a resident departs. In other words, helping throughout the process but also providing aftercare.

Wunderbar is there for as many care dependants as possible. From young adults to people who do not have much longer to live and everyone in between. Groups of like-minded people who want to be cared for together, to rehabilitate with each other or simply want to grow old together. What all of these different people have in common is that they are not simply willing to accept their fate. They want to take matters into their own hands. To continue with their own familiar lives as much as possible.



Wunderbar seeks and desires CREATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE connections that contribute to the realisation of accommodation and care initiatives for care dependants. These may include

people who dare to stick out their neck;
; pensioners who want to use their knowledge, experience and network;
; policy makers
; creative talents
; financiers and funds
; like-minded people,

and most of all people with guts who support bottom-up movement.

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