Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Creativity World Forum 2019

Under the auspices of the International DC Network, the annual Creativity World Forum (CWF) will take place in Brabant in 2019! This multi-day international event about creativity and innovation is expected to bring together many professionals from various disciplines and from all over the world.

During the Creativity World Forum – 21, 22 & 23 October 2019 – together with you and other creative thinkers and doers from Brabant and around the world, we aim to make Brabant – if only briefly – the most beautiful place on earth. A place where you can meet change wanters and change makers from Brabant and the rest of the world. We will offer new insights and perspectives on the challenges of today and the future, provided by respected, well-known and less well-known (inter)national change makers.

The programme will include key speakers, surprising meetings and work sessions at various locations in Brabant. It will provide a chance to talk, listen and question. We will showcase Brabant as it really is: a field of possibilities with a top layer of innovation, knowledge and creativity. And a place full of challenges, opportunities and contradictions, where new connections and perspectives have to be found: Living in Paradox.

Ticket sales for CWF2019 in Brabant have not yet started and the prices are not yet known. We would, however, like to give you the opportunity to register now without obligation. We will even reward you for this with an extra super early-bird discount of € 50 on the standard ticket price! Enter your details here and stay informed.

N.B. This is a no-obligation, pre-registration offer with no commitment to eventually purchase a ticket.