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People for Each Other

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People for Each Other focuses on the following categories: Medical, Psychological, Trauma, Private, Work, Child & Teen, Parents, Seniors and Singles, and with topics such as Loneliness, Loss & Grief, Separation & Now Alone, in a variety of areas. Each category is sub-divided into themes with a total of around 140 specific items. A specific theme is linked to an associated national knowledge-provision organisation. Each theme provides external information via a Facebook community, blog or forum and in this way offers the opportunity to support and connect. Currently, 175,000 people are already sharing knowledge and experiences with each other.

People for Each Other’s mission is to connect people with each other. Helping them with information and providing relief or support based on the experiences of others. This results in improved well-being and reduces indirect medical complaints.

VoorMensen.nl is the initiator behind People for Each Other.

Sharing experiences helps many people!

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