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Karin Bruers, an activist with a free and creative spirit, created the Social Sofa to combat social cooling. There are more than 1500 mosaicked Social Sofas in the Netherlands. Mosaicked by volunteers, local residents, students, colleagues and many others. Social Sofa is therefore a good example of coming up with a creative solution to a problem. A solution that works and connects.

With the disappearance of local shops and bars, squares and benches over the past 50 years, these traditional meeting places have also disappeared. You can still come across benches in some city centres but the farther you go into the suburbs, the rarer they become. In recent decades, many municipalities have solved the nuisance problem around benches by removing them. At Social Sofa, we think that in such cases at least 10 more benches should be placed in that district.

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It turns out that the placement of Social Sofas works to combat social cooling, but our battle will only be won when there is a bench of some sort on every street in the Netherlands. We are still looking for more municipalities to ‘adopt’ a Social Sofa studio.

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Social Sofa contributes to the following SDGs. Would you like to know more about the SDGs? Click here.

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