Student Ambassador Team BrabantDC

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We stellen ze graag aan je voor: het Student Ambassador Team van BrabantDC. Omdat de toekomst toebehoort aan de jongeren van nu, hebben we een aantal studenten gevraagd om mee te denken over BrabantDC activiteiten. En dat levert nu al een inspirerende kijk op! Meer weten? Lees hier meer over het team.

Student Ambassador Team BrabantDC

Hi everyone! We are the Student Ambassadors of BrabantDC. Inspired by the DCLivingLab in Antwerp last September, we are now planning this year’s edition together with the BrabantDC team. We want to create an experience in which students from all over the world can work on local challenges. The theme of this year’s DCLivingLab is the same as the Creativity World Forum theme: Living in Paradox.

Our team consists of social & business innovation students: Ann-Kathrin Thesen (SI), Vince van den Ham (BI), Anouk van den Ende (BI), Anouk van Bussel (BI) and Frank Boon (BI). Our latest members are: Eveliene Pas (Social Studies), Lene Lilledal (SI) and Sofia Salesi (SI). We are a diverse team with members originating from four different countries and HOW MANY different educational institutes and more members from other institutes will hopefully join us. As BrabantDC Student Ambassador Team, we aim to use our diverse backgrounds and skills to make the upcoming event unforgettable. We are proud to represent BrabantDC and are happy to be a part of the team. Do you want to know more or join the team? Reach out to!


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